Mermaid Diagram Support

As Confluence does not currently support Mermaid diagrams natively, the Confluence Integration plugin for Obsidian provides a workaround to enable the rendering of Mermaid diagrams. The plugin includes a copy of Mermaid that is injected into a BrowserWindow, which is then used to render each diagram and capture a screenshot as a PNG image. This image is then uploaded to Confluence for rendering.


  1. Create a Mermaid diagram in your Obsidian note using the appropriate syntax.

Insert example here

  1. When you publish your files using the Confluence Integration plugin, the plugin will automatically render the Mermaid diagram, capture a screenshot, and upload it as a PNG image to Confluence.

Insert example here

Naming Convention

To prevent conflicts with file names when uploading diagrams to Confluence, the plugin uses the following naming convention for the uploaded diagram images:

RenderedMermaidChart-${MD5 of diagram text}.png

This naming convention helps to avoid conflicts and ensures that each uploaded diagram image has a unique identifier.


Currently, the Confluence Integration plugin does not support deleting diagram images from Confluence.