The Callouts feature allows you to transform Markdown callouts, also known as admonitions, into Atlassian Document Format (ADF) Panels. This feature supports both normal and foldable callouts.

Normal Callouts

Normal callouts are converted to Panels in Confluence.


> [!note]
> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Foldable Callouts

Foldable callouts are converted to Expand Macros in Confluence. Note that Expand Macros do not support the same colors and formatting that Panels do.


> [!faq]- Are callouts foldable?
> Yes! In a foldable callout, the contents are hidden when the callout is collapsed.

Nested Callouts

Due to Confluence restrictions, nested callouts are not supported.

Supported Features

For more information on Obsidian callouts, visit the Obsidian documentation.