🚀 Mentions Support: It's Time to Have Fun with Mentions! 🎉

Hello there, fellow adventurer! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey to bring your Markdown Confluence skills to the next level? Do you want to engage your teammates and colleagues in a fun and interactive way? Say no more, as you've just arrived at the perfect destination! 🌟

Introducing Mentions Support in Markdown-Confluence! A feature that allows you to mention your teammates with flair and pizzazz. It's super easy and fun to use. Let's get started!

🎩 The Magic Mention Formula

To conjure up a mention, you just need to type the following magical incantation:

[[mentions:{userid}|@{Users Name}]]

This magical spell transforms into a marvelous Atlassian Document Format Mention node. You can learn more about the enchanting world of nodes here.

🔍 Seeking the User ID Treasure

But wait! To complete the spell, you'll need the mystical User ID. Fear not, for we shall guide you on your quest!

  1. Set sail to the land of Teams 🏴‍☠️
  2. Unleash the power of the Search 🔍
  3. Click on the desired user to reveal their secret URL 🗝️

For example, if the search URL is:


And you discover the user's URL to be:


Eureka! You've found the hidden treasure: the User ID! In this case:


🌈 Making Mention Magic Happen

Now that you've obtained the User ID, you can cast the magical mention spell!

For instance, if you want to mention Captain Confluence with their User ID, you'd simply type:

[[mentions:557058:aea5688c-52b9-4d15-aabe-96def1abc413|@Captain Confluence]]

And there you have it, brave adventurer! You've mastered the art of Mentions Support in Markdown-Confluence. Spread the joy and summon your teammates in a fun and captivating way, making your collaboration experience more delightful than ever! 🎊🎉